10 Steps to a Great Outdoor Movie Night

I love an outdoor movie night and it is even better when you can host it with a large group and turn it into an event! Kids get to have a special night with friends and parents get a chance to hangout. Turning and outdoor movie night into a fundraiser is a fantastic was to raise money while making everyone around you happy.


3-6 months before

1. Pick a date and location that you would like to host the movie night. It’s hard to get something on the calendar, so planning ahead will ensure a good turnout. 

2. Decide if you are renting equipment or pulling it together yourself. 

There are pros and cons to both. Renting means more upfront cost but you have the luxury of someone else handling the set up and logistics. Pulling it together yourself means you can save A LOT of money, but you will need to have someone who knows the AV equipment/set up and you you will be relying on the kindness of more volunteers.

3. Get the movie rights.

Make sure you are following the law. When you are outside showing the movie, you need to pay for the rights. There are two companies that do this. Call ahead and check on on the prices so  you aren’t surprised.

4. Decide on what you will sell/serve. 

Will this be a small concession stand with regular movie food? Or, will you offer meals? Have food trucks?


One Month before

5. Start promoting

Create fliers, posters and more. Start selling tickets about two weeks in advance. Need an easy online way to sell them? Create a PopUp, and everyone will get an emailed receipt as their ticket to get in.

6. Collect food and find volunteers

It’s time to grab all of your supplied and find volunteers to help you on the big night!


The week of

7. Promote, promote, promote

This is it, the time to remind people daily on social media. A way to to push people to pre-purchase tickets, increase the ticket price for at-the-door purchases.

8. Set up

Set up can take a while, so allow yourself a few hours.

9. Open the gates and play some music,

Let people in up to an hour before the movie, so that way they can mingle and get set up.

10. Enjoy a great night.

All the hard work is don’t, so sit back and enjoy the show!

Want a more detailed rundown of how to host and outdoor movie night with tons of tips and tricks? Download out free book that contains lots of options to help you avoid any pitfalls you might run into.

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Need a little help setting up your PopUp, check out our Resources page.



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