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Creating Addon or Customized Items | Online Sales | PopUp Funds

Mini Photo Sessions Made Easier

By Lisa Tavares | March 22, 2019

Creating Addon or Customized Items | Online Sales | PopUp Funds

Allowing Customers to Add-On or Customize

By Lisa Tavares | March 8, 2019

Outdoor movie night | PopUp Funds

10 Steps to a Great Outdoor Movie Night

By Lisa Tavares | February 22, 2019

I love an outdoor movie night and it is even better when you can host it with a large group and turn it into an event! Kids get to have a special night with friends and parents get a chance to hangout. Turning and outdoor movie night into a fundraiser…

Outddoor Movie Night | PopUp Funds

Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night Fundraiser

By Lisa Tavares | February 20, 2019

  What more details on how to host an Outdoor Movie Night? Download a free book with tons of details.  Let PopUp Funds help you create a great movie night.   

Collect More Information for your PopUp with Google Forms

By Lisa Tavares | February 8, 2019

  While setting up a PopUp is easy, sometimes you need a little more information that just who bought something and their email address. PopUp Funds allows for people to leave you comment with information, or if you want to level up to rockstar status, you can collect more information…

Valentine’s Day and PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | January 18, 2019

  It’s a new year and time for more fundraising. Valentine’s Day is the perfect jump start for the year! Creating Valentine’s Day Candy Grams for your school is a quick way to make a large amount of money. My children’s school raises close to $2,000 in just two weeks!…

Tips to Make your PopUp a Success

By Lisa Tavares | December 21, 2018

I’ve seen lots of PopUps created on our platform. Most have been wildly successful, smashing their PopUp goal. But a few haven’t hit what they were hoping for. I’ve compiled a short list of tips to make your PopUp a success.   1. Make your description work for you People…

Optimizing the Comment and Note to Seller Section on PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | November 30, 2018

Creating a PopUp can be done in minutes. Making sure that you properly convey the message and receive the feedback needed can take a little extra thought. Here is are some ways to optimize the comment and note to seller sections of your PopUp.     While creating your PopUp…

Holiday Season

By Lisa Tavares | November 23, 2018

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to try and save a little bit of that precious time you have. How can PopUp Funds save you time? I’m glad you asked…     Large family or friend get togethers When the holidays arrive, it is a chance for…

PopUp Ideas

By Lisa Tavares | November 16, 2018

The other day I was wandering Target and I ran into a fellow mom. We started chatting and then PopUp Funds came up. That’s when she said, “I’ve been meaning to ask you. I had PopUp idea. Do you think I can use it for my high school reunion? There…

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PopUp Funds made my life easy when I hosted a crafting party...PopUp Funds website was very professional, and the dashboard was very easy to navigate. I also loved that I could easily share the event through social media!

— Allison, Upright and Caffeinated

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