Valentine’s Day and PopUp Funds

PopUp Funds Valentine's Candy Gram


It’s a new year and time for more fundraising. Valentine’s Day is the perfect jump start for the year!

Creating Valentine’s Day Candy Grams for your school is a quick way to make a large amount of money. My children’s school raises close to $2,000 in just two weeks! It was easy, if you follow these simple steps.

  1. Send a flyer home with students announcing the Grams and ask parents to return it with names and cash to pay for it. $1 seems to be a good going rate and we allow for families to buy an unlimited amount.
  2. Get a group of moms together a day or so before the school parties and write out all of the Grams and organize them into classroom bags.
  3. Delivery Day- bags are delivered to the classrooms for students to enjoy.

However, there is a problem with this system that you don’t see until you do it. Paperwork! It all comes down to one mom who collects the paper order forms and cash. Then there are the parents who turn in forms late saying they forgot to try paying in a different way. It becomes stacks of orders, stacks of money, a large headache, and more time than you originally anticipated.

This year, you can be the mom who simplifies and gets even more orders. How? Create a PopUp!

PopUp Funds Valentine's Candy Gram

Create a PopUp in just a few minutes and post it on all of your school’s social media account. This allows parents to act on it and pay for it easily. Because let’s be real, who has cash or want to write checks anymore. Also, cash limits the orders to what parents have in their wallet.

Worried about the fees? Add a little to the price. (We added $.10 to each) We have found that when people are given the choice to walk in a pay by cash or pay a little more for online, 85% choose online even if it costs a little more! Parents want life to be easy and are willing to pay a tiny bit more to save them the headache of going to the bank or writing a check. Plus they will fee accomplished getting it done without having to walk into the school.

Taking it online also allows for you to have a record of the money collected and you can print out all of the orders on a spreadsheet when you need them to fulfill them. Or use your dashboard to find all of the information.


Easily see Valentine orders


Ready to create your PopUp but need ideas for the actual Valentines? We found these great websites for some ideas.

The Nerds Wife

Pretty My Party

Teachers Pay Teachers

Need a little help setting up? Check out our Resources to help you create your PopUp and read tips.


PopUp Funds Valentine's Candy Gram
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PopUp Funds made my life easy when I hosted a crafting party...PopUp Funds website was very professional, and the dashboard was very easy to navigate. I also loved that I could easily share the event through social media!

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