Withdraw Money from PopUp Funds

Congratulations! Your PopUp is successful! Now it’s time to withdraw money from PopUp Funds.

Once you are on your dashboard you can see how much money is available when you click on Account Info. This amount is the total available for ALL of your PopUps. From this page you can withdraw money or click on the link to take a closer look at your Stripe account.

You have the ability to withdraw money at anytime. You do not need for a PopUp to have ended.


All withdrawls can take up to 3 business days to show up in your bank account. So please make sure that you are giving yourself enough time if you need the money by a certain time.

If you think there is a chance that some buyers could request a refund, you must leave some money in your account to cover any refunds. If a refund is requested and there is no money in your account, PopUp Funds reserves the right to pull money from your registered bank account on file. (Please see our terms of use.)

Please note: PopUp Funds does not collect or withhold taxes. Taxes are responsibility of the PopUp owner.

Clicking on your Stripe dashboard takes you to Stripe and shows your payout history.  You can also change the account you would like to use.

You may also be directed to the ‘EDIT’ button to include more personal information once you have collected a large amount of money with PopUp Funds. This helps to insure your personal financial information is safe.


Under the ‘Account’ tab on the top right, you can change any personal detail or also change your bank account information.

Need help setting up your PopUp Funds account? Checkout these videos to help you out. 

Have more questions? Checkout out our FAQ page.


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